Zi's Magic will take you on a journey that leaves you unable to trust your own senses, as miracles and impossibilities happen right before your eyes


Zi is a Magician, Mentalist, Performer, and Scientist based in the St Louis region, with a deep passion for inspiring Wonder, creating Magic, and sparking your imagination. In addition to his work as a Magician, Zi is also an accomplished Scientist with an interest in Neuroscience and Perception, and volunteers extensively to promote passion and interest in Science. Zi uses Magic to teach about the neuroscience of perception, illustrating the ways that our senses can be tricked, and shedding light on the shortcuts and blind spots that we all share.


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Close-Up Magic


Close-up Magic is the art of entertaining right in front of your eyes, using simple props like cards and coins to create impossible miracles. Close-up magic is perfect for Birthday parties, Weddings, Festivals, Concerts, Banquets, Socials, Networking events, and more. Come add a touch of Magic to your next event!

Playing with Impossibilities


Playing with Impossibilities is an interactive and participatory stage show that features mind-reading, feats of skill, and mysterious psychological influence. Come and be transported to a world of miraculous luck, mental mystery, and psychological impossibilites. See the Impossible made real!

Psychology and Science of Magic


Magicians can perform seemingly impossible feats. Objects appear and disappear, change and transform. But how do these things happen? Zi teaches the science of how our senses really work, and how the work of magicians exposes the flaws in our perception that are normally invisible to us in everyday life.



Recent and Upcoming Events

Dec 6, 2019: The Time Traveler’s Ball

Oct 5, 2019: Saturday Explorers at Weber Rd Library

Oct 5, 2019: Private Party

Oct 5, 2019: Private Party

Aug 22, 2019: Ladie’s Night at The Diamond Family

Aug 17, 2019: Private Event

May 3, 2019: Magic at The Monocle

May 19, 2019: Affton High School Lock-In

Feb 22-23 2019: Naughti Gras, the 12th Annual St Louis Erotic Art Festival

Feb 9 2019: Bacchanalian Ball: Time Lab

Jan 26 2019: Private Party at Cortex Innovation Center

Jan 25 2019: I’m Dyin’ Up Here! Cancer Charity Benefit

Dec 31 2018: New Year’s Tease

Nov 2 2018: First Friday at the St Louis Science Center

Oct 26 2018: Halloween Party at The Monocle

Oct 13 2018: Compass Improv Festival

Oct 6 2018: Eric and Debbie's Big Barn Bash

Oct 6 2018: Grovefest St Louis

August 11, 2018: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Magic at the Bright Ideas Expo of the St Louis Science Center

Past Event Highlights:

Feb 9 2018: Mardi Gras Mayor's Ball

May 25 2018: SLAM Underground at the St Louis Art Museum

Apr 14 2018: Neuroday at the St Louis Science Center

Feb 2-3 2018: Naughti Gras St Louis

Oct 7 2017: Grovefest St Louis

Oct 2 2017: Fox2News

Aug 26-27 2016: Playing with Impossibilities at the Kranzberg Theater

Apr 1 2017: Brewfest with 4Hands Brewery

May 20 2016: Show-Me Burlesque Festival

Mar 2 2015: Fox2News for Neuroday at the St Louis Science Center


Youtube: EpistaticMagic

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